NEW MOBILE !!! Must read this….


Want to buy a new mobile. This are some points which you should consider at a time when ever you wanted to buy the new mobile phone.

In this article, we have provided all the important points which will help you chose the best device for you and also you can understand some basics involved in mobile phones.


1.Price range

As you do not want to spend all your money on a smartphone. so first you need to decide how much you want to spend on new mobile phone. ‘at every 500 Rs you spend more you will have least 3 mobiles added to your list’ so this list may go on till flagship phones.


2. Your needs

Yes, this point is also there, nowadays mobile phones offer so many of cool features. We all know that it is smartphone world but it costs you. let me give you an example your grandmother may have mobile phone but she uses it for calling only and she may not use social media, on the other hand, you are college going guys you use lots of social media and consume medias on your device so need from mobile will be different in both case (It’s just ex.). Now in every condition need will be different So as per that you can select the best device for you.

3. Brand




Now, I have to say many of peoples are brand-conscious. We see mobile phones as a thing to show how much some one is rich and show off thing. Instead of this, you should think of the brand which gives good package at the reasonable rate and meets yours need.

Most important thing is After-sell-service. As there is a new brand with better features and fits in your budget then just do not go and buy that one. many times difficult occurs when you have some problems with the device and you don’t get service centre in your city and you have to repair it from some third party store. So do look for good after-sell service of that brand. For mobile companies, it takes the time to place their recognised service centres in all major cities. Serch that is there is a service centre in your city.


Now coming to mobile 







The processor is most important part in mobile which handles all the processes or commands given to that device. You may have seen in mobile specifications Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Processor which means that it has Snapdragones 625 processor. higher the no like, in this case, we have 625, more efficient, fast and latest is the processor.

Do look for which processor is there in mobile which affects in the following manner: – If there is good processor then

  • Better battery life.
  • Better multitasking experience.
  • fewer chances of that mobile will Hang.
  • Better Graphics.
  • Better gaming experience.

You have also seen on specifications Quad core processor or octa core processor. Basically, The core is single processor chip which handles one task at a time. When we say that it is a Quad Core processor that means Processor has four independent units (cores).

4. Hardware and Memory


Talking about memory there are two types of memory RAM and Internal Storage. RAM is Random Access Memory, This is the memory which is used by the device for processing every application and process going on in the device. Nowadays you may see the mobile phone with Huge 8 GB of RAM. Larger the RAM mobile will be fast and easy to do multitasking. so do look for mobile with higher RAM.

Now coming to Internal Storage, Internal storage is storage which will free for you to store your images, videos, and other content. On average you get 16 GB of memory. in the flagships may provide up to 128 GB of storage or more. But if internal storage is less then also it’s not the big problem as now days almost all mobiles have SD card support and can be used for increasing storage space of the device.

I will suggest you that choose device with higher storage space and RAM.


5. Screen size



The market is full with all size and resolution screen mobile. Screen size commonly used is between 4.5-inch to 5.5 inches. some years back small size mobiles were dominating in the market. all the iPhones were small, now also most of iPhones have 4.5-inch or less.

Screen size and screen Resolution are different, screen resolution is given by Pixel Per Inch (PPI). screen size is given in inches. Greater the number of PPI screen will produce sharper, clear, more colourful images and videos will be there. On the other hand, high-resolution screen consumes more power.

Devices with 4.5-inch or less screen size can be used one-handedly. As screen size increases you have to use both hands for using the device. If you use your mobile phones for watching videos, playing games and such things you should buy a mobile with a big screen. but big screen mobiles are difficult to carry with you.


6. Camera


In this days mobile is also used for taking lots of selfies and also many times mobile is used to take Awesome clicks. In general, many of you may think that larger the pixel size (more MP) better is the camera that, not all the time true, You may have observed that images taken by iPhone have much more details and great colours and contrast as compared to another mobile which is having more MP camera than the iPhone.

Camera clarity depends on Lances used in the camera, Many mobile companies use Sony’s lances in their camera to get a better camera performance, Also depends on image processor. When the camera captures light from surrounding then it is processed by devices image processor and gives out put on screen. ( Don’t want to go in more depth we will post another blog for this). So just do not look for just greater MP came.

7. Battery capacity


You must think about this factor. Draining of battery depends on screen size, screen technology used and processor used in the device. So if the device is having 4-inch screen it may last for a day and more for 2,500 mAh battery also. Larger the screen size more battery will drain. We will suggest you that if you are going for 5 or 5.5-inch screen device it should have 3,000 mAh capacity or more.

New devices provide Quick charging feature which will help you charge the battery faster. It will be helpful for you.


8.Operating System (OS) and Launching



Android is used by most mobile companies nowadays. when it comes to iOS, it is provided in iPhones. You may find some custom filters and different UI also provided in some brands. It depends on you which operating system you want. Android OS is some what flexible as compared to others.

When it comes to OS always prefer latest OS in any device. All the application developers develop their applications for new devices which have latest OS. Every time when an update comes to any application on play store or other stores new functions are added to the application. So if you want to enjoy all the new features choose the device with latest OS.

When ever new mobile is launched in the market it has the higher price as compared same mobiles price after 6 months of launching of mobile. New devices can gain popularity easily that’s why sells are high. But then also buy new mobile as they provide all new features and your mobile will stay updated for a long time.

Do not buy mobile phones which are launched before 6 months and more because most of the companies stop providing system updates after few months of mobile launching, so you will not get new features and also security updates. So always buy newly launched devices. In some cases, you may buy iPhone at most after 1 year of launching.


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